40 years’ experience in working with water

Little Penguin Water Co is an off shoot of Little Holland Pty Ltd.

Little Holland Pty Ltd have over 40 years’ experience in working with water via their Hydraulic Engineering business plus their Plumbing contracting business.

It was a natural progression for the business to employ the knowledge developed over the years in working with Environmental issues and utilising those skills in the area of improving the taste & quality of mains delivered drinking water

The significant negative Environmental impacts of commercially bottled waters was always of concern to the owners so they searched the globe and found a high highly skilled manufacturer of Drinking Water Dispensing Systems in Italy and subsequently decided to import their systems into Australia (and New Zealand)

The systems have been thoroughly checked and tested and have been Australian Standards Watermark certified  (which is a legal requirement) and the quality of water produced will stand proud in any taste test.